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Giant Buddha in Leshan, China   i wanna visit so dang bad meng
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Here are some phone pics of my sleeping arrangement for the past few days (living outdoors is the best)


Fuckkk 😩 So Thick
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Gucci Spring/Summer 2003 by Mario Testino
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10 PM/Sydney/tonight 💖 http://instagram.com/p/q1DBD8nDFU/
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Santtu Mustonen
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Here is a mini yoga master list on yoga for curing anxiety and depression. I’m not a therapist but I know yoga can help alleviate anxiety and depression symptoms.  I hope this can help at least one person.  Whatever you may be going through, remember that it’s only temporary and things will get better soon.  Remember to be sunny☀
Yoga Videos
Yoga For the Winter Blues- Yoga For Depression
Stress Release Yoga | Mellow Out Anxiety
Yoga for Anxiety- Stress Management - Relief Flow (60 Min.)
Guided Meditation for Anxiety and Obsessive Thoughts
Move & Groove Vinyasa Flow Yoga W/ Music (25 minutes) 
Yoga For Stress, Anxiety, and Depression
Easy Stress Relief Yoga
Yoga to Make You Happy, Relaxing Beginners Routine for Stress & Depression
Emotional Detox Yoga Sequence
Yoga to Make you Happy
Yoga for Stress & Anxiety
YIN Yoga for Cramps, Anxiety, and Insomnia
Guided Meditations 
Chopra Guided Meditations
Fragrant Heart Guided Meditations for Healing
Meditation for Depression
Depression Lifting
Music to Relax To: Most of these are soothing sounds that can last up to 10 hours! Lay down and take a few deep breaths while listening to these soothing sounds.
Vital Energy
Soft Piano
3 Hours of Ocean, Flute, and Piano
Tibetan Healing Sounds
Relaxing Sounds with Water
Gentle River
Reiki Zen Meditation
Remember to smile :)


eeeee rebloging for future reference. need to try guided meditations.
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